Learning about fire safety is smart for everyone, at any age. But it’s particularly important for young children.

Taught as early as possible, fire safety lessons can create long-term learning and shape ongoing behavior when it comes to respecting fire, knowing its dangers and learning the right thing to do when encountering a fire, lighters or matches.

Developed by BIC, in partnership with educators and fire safety experts, including Fireproof Children, play safe! be safe!® is a multimedia fire safety education program designed specifically for preschool age children. Winner of the Best Curriculum Award from Early Childhood News, a journal of the National Association for the Education of Young Children, and the Rolf H. Jensen Partners in Public Education Award from the National Fire Protection Association, play safe! be safe!® provides early childhood educators with an engaging set of tools to help teach fire safety to young children.

Since its introduction in 1994, BIC has distributed more than over 110,000 kits, and has sponsored training workshops in every U.S. states and nearly every Canadian province. The workshop, offered in English, French and Spanish, provides an overview of children’s understanding of fire and the best practices for teaching fire prevention and life safety. The workshops are presented by Dr. Robert Cole and the Fireproof Children team, the same respected organization who helped BIC build the Flick It Safely initiative.

Learn more and play the educational fire safety games for children here.